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Contact Consulting provides a full package of services that you may need to complete your project:



Contact Consulting can help you use evaluation to enhance learning and make informed decisions that will improve programs and services. We can help you to:

  • define the problem or issue
  • identify actions and alternatives
  • monitor activities and change
  • use existing resources widely
  • assess the overall effects of your program or service

We have the knowledge and skills to conduct developmental, process and outcome evaluations that use a utilization-focused approach.

Our evaluation services include:

  • evaluation planning and design
  • Theory of Change and Logic Model development
  • needs assessments
  • monitoring process and outcome indicators
  • linking evaluation to strategic planning
  • knowledge translation and transfer
  • use of participatory and youth engagement approaches
  • organizational evaluation assessment and coaching



Contact Consulting can help you keep on top of the most recent developments in your field. This could include conducting a review of peer-reviewed and grey literature, as well identifying best and emerging practices.

We can conduct:

  • literature and scoping reviews
  • environmental scans
  • jurisdictional reviews
  • annotated bibliographies
  • key informant interviews


Project management and coordination

Contact Consulting can help you manage or coordinate projects so that they are well-planned, well-organized and within budget.

Our approach emphasizes the building of strong, collaborative relationships; establishing clear and respectful lines of communication; defining objectives with tangible progress indicators; identifying and managing risks; and, ensuring outputs are delivered on time with a view to achieving outcomes.

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