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Contact Consulting provides a full package of services that you may need to complete your project:



Contact Consulting can help you use evaluation to enhance learning and make informed decisions that will improve programs and services. We can help you to:

  • define the problem or issue
  • support innovation and development through ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • identify actions and alternatives
  • use existing resources widely
  • assess the overall effects of your program or service

We have the knowledge and skills to conduct developmental, process and outcome evaluations that use a utilization-focused approach.

Our evaluation services include:

  • evaluation planning and design
  • Theory of Change and Logic Model development
  • needs assessments
  • monitoring process and outcome indicators
  • linking evaluation to strategic planning
  • knowledge translation and transfer
  • use of participatory and youth engagement approaches
  • organizational evaluation assessment and coaching


Strategic Planning

Contact Consulting facilitates a strategic planning process rooted in supporting meaningful, focused conversation among people who care deeply about an issue or organization. Using a modified ICA ToP™ method, our approach is participatory and consensus based. We engage all those involved to build commitment and momentum, resulting in quick and effective implementation.

We facilitate four workshops that will result in a comprehensive plan that can be immediately implemented. Our strategic planning process can be done online or in person.


Professional facilitation

Lisa Jacobs and Kimberley Bernard are experienced professional facilitators. We work with you to understand your needs, identify what you want to achieve, and implement a facilitation process that produces actionable results.




Contact Consulting can help you keep on top of the most recent developments in your field. This could include conducting a review of peer-reviewed and grey literature, as well identifying best and emerging practices.

We can conduct:

  • literature and scoping reviews
  • environmental scans
  • jurisdictional reviews
  • annotated bibliographies
  • key informant interviews

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