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Who We Are

Lisa Jacobs, MSW, RSW, CE*


Lisa Jacobs, MSW, RSW, CE

Lisa is the Principle owner of Contact Consulting. She is a credentialed evaluator*, project manager and researcher with over 15 years’ experience working with community-based organizations and all levels of government (municipal, provincial, First Nations and federal). She has experience in conducting process, outcome and developmental evaluations, policy analysis; and coordinating multi-sector, multi-organization projects. She is also a professional writer with a background in journalism and government communications.

Lisa started Contact Research and Communications in 2006 in Whitehorse, Yukon. For three years she coordinated two innovative therapeutic criminal courts, each involving seven partners representing legal professionals, First Nations, government departments, and community-based service providers. For the Community Wellness Court, she supported a three-year developmental evaluation.

In 2010 Lisa returned to Nova Scotia where she worked for the Nova Scotia Dept. of Health and Wellness on population health policies, managing provincial projects, and supporting community-based initiatives. In June 2013 she re-established Contact Consulting, leaving briefly in 2015 to serve as Senior Evaluator with the Mental Health, Children’s Services and Addictions Branch, Dept. of Health and Wellness.

Lisa has a Master of Social Work in community development and Indigenous approaches to social work practice. She strives to remain current on health, social and criminal justice issues, and she continually updates her evaluation skills and knowledge. Recently she completed courses in Developmental Evaluation, Participatory Action Research and Evaluation, facilitation, and research methods.

Lisa is a collaborator by nature. Her approach is shaped by her commitment to using evaluation to support learning and utilization, social justice and equity, and a desire to build bridges between community and government stakeholders to support learning and positive change.

Maria Wilson, MSc.

Maria final photo

Maria Wilson, MSc

Maria Wilson is a highly skilled quantitative data analyst with experience in quantitative research design and methodologies. She joined Contact Consulting in August 2016 as a data analyst and researcher and has worked on multiple projects analyzing primary and secondary data.

Maria is a 2016 graduate of Dalhousie University’s MSc. Community Health and Epidemiology program. Her thesis examined the association between alcohol-related harms, sexual orientation and psychosocial indicators using data from the 2012 Student Drug Use Survey in the Atlantic Provinces.

In addition to working with Contact Consulting, Maria is a project manager/research assistant with Dalhousie University, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology. She is currently working on the 2016 Canadian Student Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CSTADS) and several child and adolescent mental health research projects.

Anne Gillies, MA, CE*

Anne Gillies

Anne Gillies, MA, CE

Anne Gillies is a credentialed evaluator with over 20 years of program monitoring and evaluation experience. She has evaluated programs run at the international, national and local government levels and for public or non-profit institutions. Her interests are in supporting the design and delivery of client-centered health and social services and community-based care and support, and in evaluating how organizational change affects service delivery at the community level.

Anne has worked in evaluation as a full-time staff member and as a consultant. From 2000 to 2005 she worked for Universalia Management Group, a Canadian evaluation firm based in Ottawa. She managed diverse consulting assignments and multi-sectoral evaluation teams for both Canadian and international clients such as the Canadian International Development Agency and the Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Since 2006 she has worked as an independent consultant. In 2010 she returned to Nova Scotia where she has shifted her focus to local social service delivery and policy areas.

Anne has extensive knowledge and expertise in all phases, types and sizes of program monitoring and evaluation. She is also skilled in designing and facilitating training workshops in performance monitoring and evaluation, needs assessments, capacity building sessions and organizational assessments.

Anne has an M.A. from the University of Toronto in Adult Education & Community Development. She is working on a second Masters, this time in Family Studies and Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent University, with the view to assisting with the emerging needs around elderly care in Canada.

* CE is an professional credential for evaluators who have demonstrated that they have met evaluation competency and experience requirements under the Canadian Evaluation Society’s professional designation program.

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